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Kylie turned 12!! GULP!!!!

I knew it was bound to happen....I just really didn't want it to happen...

My oldest daughter turned 12 yesterday!! And I was excited for her...until Sunday during Sacrament meeting one of the members of the Bishopric called her up to the pulpit to give her a medallion and a couple of certificates for graduating Primary...and her little lip started to quiver and I saw the tears in her eyes...she told me that she has mixed feelings for turning 12. She is excited to start the Young Women's program...but she is sad to leave Primary behind. I can understand a way she is saying "goodbye" to her childhood as she prepares for becoming a teenager. ***Shutters***

For our family on birthdays we let them choose an outing and dinner...or a slumber party with friends. However with Kylie we told her she can choose only 1 thing to do...simply because...well... during the month of February we have a lot going on! There's Kylie's birthday, then my birthday, Ken and …