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Meanwhile At The Hall of Justice!

Have I told you lately that I am so Thankful for my regular schedule???

I mean I am great full to have my kids home for 2 weeks....but during that two week time that they have seems like all I hear are fighting among Leslie (who is 8) and Sam (who just turned 6). And it gets to the point that I am ready to pull my hair out, because they are snapping at each other, and I feel that that is more my fault. Well...because before I found out I had hypothyroidism..I was irritable..pissy...and sometimes just down right mean. Now that I have my "happy pills", I am more me. Things don't really annoy me as often. I really just kind of am relaxed about things.

Moving on, like any good mom...I love my kids. But I am so glad that they went back to school this week...and I am on my normal schedule.

So for Christmas this year one of the main big presents that I bought for Ken was Body Beast. It is a weight lifting program and I was so excited to see his face on Christmas mornin…