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My love has returned!!

For the longest time...(okay for like 2 years now) it has been my dream to own a treadmill. Last summer I really got into running, thanks to my friend Kar. She was always talking about how exhilarating she would feel coming in from a run, and I would always think..."one day when I am thinner and I don't have to hear my stomach slam against my legs....I'm gonna run." Well I bought an mP3 player ya know for yard work and for an occasional run...and one morning I was up way earlier than my I thought what the heck...I'm gonna try it.

And it became my addiction...I kid you became my pills. OK I'm not a druggie(but I played one on tv...I kid, I kid)  but I looked forward to it. You get to a point where you seek it out...MUST HAVE ENDORPHIN RUSH!!

So needless to say..when the weather KILLED ME!!! I wanted to go running badly! And I did...and it was great until I slowed down and realized it was too cold …