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Leslie has done it again!!!  AND I for one...just can't take it!!

She make look cute and innocent...SHE IS NOT!!

Why am I kind of upset with her...well that's because she is guilty..guilty guilty of having ANOTHER BIRTHDAY.  Yup
you read it right....she just had to turn 10. She didn't like being 9 anymore..who can blame her really...I mean she gets to move up into the older group for Activity Days.. she gets to be in 5th grade and have one of the best teachers around. Why not turn 10. It seems like a good age to be.

For her birthday...since its 3 weeks after school gets out...this year she decided to go to the Art-itoruim. It's a pretty cool place...and if there were more kids there the day we went it would have been super fun. But it was just our little family and although she had fun I bet she would have had more fun with more kids.  I thought I took some pictures but I guess I didn't.  BUMMER!!

They had lots of fun things to do, for example there was a green scr…