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Goal Crusher and family fun

So last blog...I left off at Leslie's it's time to fill you all in on what has happened since. 
We had family come home from Tennessee.Which was great!! I have missed them so much. They come home once a year usually around my Aunt's Birthday..and this year they came home because their youngest had recently turned the ripe old age of 8. She wanted to be baptized here where all her other siblings were.. which I totally understand. 
Teddy and Uncle Nate, after baptism
Tina,and Tian  taking the above picture. I am not sure where Thannon and Maddie went...  I lead the opening song, and I felt fine...totally normal. When we got up to change rooms so that we could all witness the baptism..something shifted and my stomach ( well I thought it was my stomach) started to I am not talking about a belly ache. It felt as though someone took a knife and was stabbing my in my lower left quadrant over and over again.** Earlier during the week I had that same feeling...…

It feels like summer to me!

Sorry my friends it has been TOO long, and I will try my best to remember everything that has happened since June.    Well....Summer has happened and with that being said....when the little's are out of school, my schedule tends to get thrown out the window. And they are all at that age where they all want to be on the computer so I don't get much blog time during the summer..

So once school let out...before I knew it it was Leslie's Birthday, she turned the big 9!! Can you believe it...*sigh* So for a while I saw her on her bike and she loved riding it but it got to the point where she would ride it then the next day, or sometimes the very same day, her back tire would go flat and no matter how many times we would replace the inner tube it would just get flat. So for her b-day we bought her a new bike!! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself...we hid it in Ken's mom's garage so that she wouldn't see it and know that the bike was for her.
She requested E…