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I hadn't realized until today that the last time I blogged was in Jan.  And that makes me kinda sad because I love blogging I just need to find the time to do it.

We were blessed this year again to be able to go to FAN-X. It's 2 days of geek fun!! It's amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. SO I will be posting a TON of pictures today! Yes...meeting all of the people we did was an AMAZING experience one that I will never forget but I always look forward to the car ride on the way down to Utah.
     Maybe it's the whole anticipation of the experience or the whole excitement of the fun I know we are bound to have. Just leaving normal everyday worries behind and having so much fun! But I kind of get the feeling that its all about being together with my kids and my husband. Hearing the kids laugh at one another jokes in the back seats....singing along with the radio. Hearing about what they are most excited to meet.
💖yep!! I had to just look at her costume!!! AMAZING!