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Thanksgiving NIGHTMARE!!!

Sooo I was way to excited for Thanksgiving!! Do you wanna know why?? I wasn't excited for a cheat meal...although I think I cheated more with the pies than the actual meal. The night before Thanksgiving our Elders' Quorum President had "Pie Night" at his house and so you go to his house and you can bring a pie to share OR not...and just pig out on pie. I think my youngest child, Sam had the most pie.. I think he ate 4 slices of pie..most of it pumpkin pie. Leslie had 3 and Kylie, Ken and myself had 1 and a half. I was sooo full I thought that Ken would have to roll me out the door! ;-)

Anyways..if you remember from my FB posts I was all excited because this was my first year actually COOKING and hosting!! I didn't mind cooking it however I really didn't want to host it...but our family just like any other family has well....issues...and so long story short...I DIDN'T want my sister to come over...its sad really...but I just can't put up with her and h…