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When did I get so old?!!?!

Last night as I was finishing getting dinner in the oven....I received a text from a sender I didn't my first reaction is...who is this and what the heck do they want. Upon further questioning I find out that its one of Kylie's friend who happens to be a boy!!!

Kay so....I don't know if you know, but Kylie is our oldest and she is 11-and-a-half years old!!! GULP!!! I remember being 11 years old...and I know I didn't get ANY phone calls or texts from boys. Now when I was 15.. Yes I did date before I was 16 once! Okay it was 1 date...and after that 1 date I kinda shied away from it. Not that I didn't have fun...I was just so nervous that I thought I was gonna throw up the WHOLE time  that is a story for another time..

So this dude...we will call him....Don...was thinking that I was Kylie and when I asked him if he wanted to speak to Kylie he was all...." I'm sorry....I thought this was Kylie's phone". What are you thinking that…

I must be doing something right.

Image I started my fitness journey...about well it will be 2 years in March. I just got so tired of being so unhappy with how I looked, whenever I would look at myself in the mirror. Also I really didn't enjoy being told by my OB/GYN that I really needed to do something so that I would live a longer fuller life.  So soon after my journey began and I started to see results...Ken, my hubby of 13.50 years ( we have been together for 15.50 years...but hey who's counting!) must have caught the bug!

I am not talking about the stomach bug...this is a bug to which there is no medical cure...YEP you guessed it he caught my fitness bug!! To be completely honest I wasn't all that concerned with Ken, don't misunderstand me...I wanted him to love working out as much as I do, and I did worry about his health..I just didn't want to be one of those wives and mothers that tend to roll their eyes whenever Mom is on a health kick. I didn't want to force anyone in my family to …

Halloween its Witch's Night OUT!!!!

Ahhh!! Halloween!! I love it...although I'm not sure why I do. I mean...for anyone who is trying to get healthy and not get lead into temptation with all the chocolate, sugary goodness, its really hard to stay on track.   But I love it anyways....I think it has to do with remembering when I was in elementary school and we used to dress up for it...and my dad would always encourage us to be something gruesome. He didn't want us to be a princess or a ballerina, he always wanted us to be something really gross like with blood and guts hanging out..the whole nine yards... I finally caved in when I turned 18 and let him put makeup on me and i had my neck slashed and everything...I hate to admit it, but that was the best Halloween for me...

Any-who the point is I LoVeD it!!! So about 3 weeks before Halloween Ken and I were paying bills when we realized that we had extra money this month. Ka-Ching!!

So I told him" Halloween is coming up....maybe we should buy the kids costumes e…