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Who are you...who who .....who who

As you all know, Leslie is involved in what's called a PACE program at school. Its for kids whose intelligence score at the above average mark. In Leslie's case she was in the 150's mark so its hard to keep her challenged in school.

Well this years theme was FORENSIC SCIENCE..which I love!! I can't get enough of all the CSI type shows..which I'm sure my family can attest to. (side note: I'm really sad that CSI Vegas is ending this year)  With their theme being forensics they were able to do some really neat stuff.

Go to the Museum when it was Forensic ScienceHave a local CSI from IFPD come in and lecture/show how to take finger printsTake FingerprintsLearn about DNAReplicate DNA molecules

It was amazing! Leslie was so excited that she'd come home and try to take our fingerprints..she said that she wanted to dust for prints but we don't have the magnetic powder to do so.

After a year of fun learning they put it to the test and hold a Forensics Fair so tha…