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It was suppose to be my moment of joy.

So the last time I left off I had just finished the July 4th Firecracker run, which was held on a Saturday. The following Tuesday outta nowhere Kylie and I were doing 21 Day Fix Lower Fix...(which is AMAZING BTW) when I had 10 min left of the workout I had to stop because the pain was so bad an intense and it was in the same my lower left quadrant. I had to stop for about 10 minutes...there was just no way I could finish...then it left again. Kylie was worried and she said, " You better tell Dad."  So I sent Ken a txt telling him it happened again. He shot me one back saying that we have no idea what is going on...and that I better go into the Dr.
This is what I was doing on the  inside!! I really didn't want to go..I thought that I had it all figured out. Reluctantly....I made the call and was into to see my Dr. on 14th of July. (NO.. I didn't push it back until then..they are just a super busy clinic...and I did NOT want to go to the stupid ER.)
So I knew wi…

Goal Crusher and family fun

So last blog...I left off at Leslie's it's time to fill you all in on what has happened since. 
We had family come home from Tennessee.Which was great!! I have missed them so much. They come home once a year usually around my Aunt's Birthday..and this year they came home because their youngest had recently turned the ripe old age of 8. She wanted to be baptized here where all her other siblings were.. which I totally understand. 
Teddy and Uncle Nate, after baptism
Tina,and Tian  taking the above picture. I am not sure where Thannon and Maddie went...  I lead the opening song, and I felt fine...totally normal. When we got up to change rooms so that we could all witness the baptism..something shifted and my stomach ( well I thought it was my stomach) started to I am not talking about a belly ache. It felt as though someone took a knife and was stabbing my in my lower left quadrant over and over again.** Earlier during the week I had that same feeling...…

It feels like summer to me!

Sorry my friends it has been TOO long, and I will try my best to remember everything that has happened since June.    Well....Summer has happened and with that being said....when the little's are out of school, my schedule tends to get thrown out the window. And they are all at that age where they all want to be on the computer so I don't get much blog time during the summer..

So once school let out...before I knew it it was Leslie's Birthday, she turned the big 9!! Can you believe it...*sigh* So for a while I saw her on her bike and she loved riding it but it got to the point where she would ride it then the next day, or sometimes the very same day, her back tire would go flat and no matter how many times we would replace the inner tube it would just get flat. So for her b-day we bought her a new bike!! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself...we hid it in Ken's mom's garage so that she wouldn't see it and know that the bike was for her.
She requested E…

Who are you...who who .....who who

As you all know, Leslie is involved in what's called a PACE program at school. Its for kids whose intelligence score at the above average mark. In Leslie's case she was in the 150's mark so its hard to keep her challenged in school.

Well this years theme was FORENSIC SCIENCE..which I love!! I can't get enough of all the CSI type shows..which I'm sure my family can attest to. (side note: I'm really sad that CSI Vegas is ending this year)  With their theme being forensics they were able to do some really neat stuff.

Go to the Museum when it was Forensic ScienceHave a local CSI from IFPD come in and lecture/show how to take finger printsTake FingerprintsLearn about DNAReplicate DNA molecules

It was amazing! Leslie was so excited that she'd come home and try to take our fingerprints..she said that she wanted to dust for prints but we don't have the magnetic powder to do so.

After a year of fun learning they put it to the test and hold a Forensics Fair so tha…

It's a hard SPA LIFE for us!!

So my loves last time I talked about how I was so excited to get my big present!!

And I went this past weekend and I loved it!!! It was amazing!!

Leslie wanted to go with me...and I was worried about that because I didn't want her to get bored cuz it was all about me! And I didn't bring anything for her to do.

We had just come from a birthday party so I had Ken drop us off. When we first arrived we were offered Italian Sodas. I was blown away!!  But I said yes! I got huckleberry and she got pomegranate. Both were fabulous. I have NEVER had a pedicure so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

IT was totally relaxing!!! I was able to sit in a massaging chair and had the knots in the lower back worked on, all the while Amanda was working on my feet.


I'll be honest I was in the spa for 2.5 hours and it seemed a little long to me...but I enjoyed every minute.

After she was done putting the last star on my toe, she came back with these purple slippers...(yes purple).…

I can't believe it happened!!!

So this past month was a doozie between getting all the kids to come off of the Christmas sugar high and to getting them back to their regularly scheduled program..was tough enough.. Just when I thought I couldn't handle anything else.....

LETS ADD A TEENAGER into the mix!!!

That's are looking at the proud owner(parent) of a brand new teenage daughter.
 Yup....I can hardly believe it myself!!

So Kylie turned 13 this past Thursday..and I was excited for her!! But on the other hand I felt sad because she leaves for school at 8:00am to catch the bus then she doesn't even get home until 4pm. She's gone all day!! And I didn't even have the car so I could sneak her a birthday lunch. Oh well....maybe next year. But we did have one awesome party that night. And she wanted cheesecake for her birthday cake. (She's a woman after my own heart!) I love cheesecake its so good! I even got Sam to like it!! 
See it turned out pretty good!!

Sam was so excited to finall…

Meanwhile At The Hall of Justice!

Have I told you lately that I am so Thankful for my regular schedule???

I mean I am great full to have my kids home for 2 weeks....but during that two week time that they have seems like all I hear are fighting among Leslie (who is 8) and Sam (who just turned 6). And it gets to the point that I am ready to pull my hair out, because they are snapping at each other, and I feel that that is more my fault. Well...because before I found out I had hypothyroidism..I was irritable..pissy...and sometimes just down right mean. Now that I have my "happy pills", I am more me. Things don't really annoy me as often. I really just kind of am relaxed about things.

Moving on, like any good mom...I love my kids. But I am so glad that they went back to school this week...and I am on my normal schedule.

So for Christmas this year one of the main big presents that I bought for Ken was Body Beast. It is a weight lifting program and I was so excited to see his face on Christmas mornin…