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It's been a hard month

One of the most important things in life, to me, will always be my family. That being said please bare with me..because this blog is the hardest one for me to write.

My Grandma (my dad's mom), turned 91 in June. She was spunky and lively, she loved crocheting and was the best at it. When Kylie was about 4 she crocheted her a dress.Its purple and white..I loved it..I had one kinda like it when I was little.She made tons of things from a stuffed Lassie dog to baby blankets, hoodies, booties, and doll clothes. Whenever I had a baby I would get a "pack" from her which had a blanket, a hat, booties, and a dress.  Maybe that is why I loved the dress so brought back so many memories of simpler times...worry free times. So in June, we celebrated her turning 91, right? Well...In July at her Dr. appointment she was diagnosed with early onset Dementia, or Alzheimer disease.  When my mom told me this I thought that surely the Dr. had read the results wrong..its just a misd…