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This post is long over due!  And it will be mainly pictures from September 2015 as our family was blessed to be able to attend the SLC Comic-Con. It was amazing!! As you will see from all the fun pictures it was something that I will never forget!
Leslie's goal was to have her pic taken with a Harley Quinn.
Kylie's favorite character is Hawk Girl.
Who doesn't love Harry Potter ?
K This guy is SO COOL!! He's the lead singer from Kerby Krackle. They play nerd rock...and its awesome. He knew Ken by name from his Twitter handle...just cool. Check out their music...and he loved Sam...cuz ...well....who doesn't?
I'm a big WW fan...of course Sam just had to get in the action.

We rode in the train one day instead of was fun!

Sam LOVED curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat.
Storm Trooper playing fetch with a member from How to Train Your Dragon.
For a minute...I thought that this guy was Hugh Jackman...but it wasn't but Sam was blown away! He loves Wolv…