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'Cuz getting taped to the wall is cool!

It has been way to long...but I have just been trying to stay a float. Who knew balancing work and kids and home could be hard!  This blog post will be about the kiddos!

At their school they have assemblies that honor those kids who excel in academics and who also show HAWK behavior. You already know that we have been struggling with Sam's behavior all year long...I just don't know how to through to the BOY!! He has his good days and his bad. Finally, we had to put him on a behavior chart at school and at home just to ensure better behavior and for a while it seemed to be working.

Anyways, the school had an assembly and parents were sent home notifications about up coming awards....

 This is Mr. Stocking, the principal. Why is he duct-taped to the wall, you ask? Well, it was for a fund raiser and I joke all the time about duct taping Sam to the wall when he seems the office staff thought it would make a GREAT fundraiser...and it did!

So in the pictures above …