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I was feelin' low, low, low......

Okay, so this blog is totally gonna get serious and it might make you cry... I am sorry in advanced if it does...this is kinda hard for me to talk about but I will try my best..M'k..?

So for about a year Ken and I thought that we needed to complete our family and add baby #4 to our CRAZY life.. I mean with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and the craziness of life in general why not, right?!!
So I kept track of my regular cycle and my ovulation cycle and



NOTHING!!  I would get my period like CLOCKWORK!   So when Obama-care be quit honest I really was freaking out about it...I mean I was all " I think everyone should have healthcare, but o the other hand I don't think that people should be punished or fined because they can't afford it".It's crazy here let me hand over to you my arm and leg...or my first born child as payment.
Anywho, everyone in my house had insurance but me, Ken had his provided through work, the kids had theirs. and I'm o…

School days!

Hey all!!

Life has been kinda crazy these past 2 months..I have been trying to keep the kids entertained during summer and trying NOT to kill them when they utter the phrase" I'm bored". And with family coming and going, family ending up in hospitals, friends whom I have been constantly praying for because they are fighting for their life...I just haven't really wanted to blog.
I haven't really thought of anything to blog about.....


I am totally loving the peace and quiet..well....its never totally quiet around here because I have 2 furry kids that love to bark and play in the back yard. Anyways....about the kids, Kylie started 7th grade. That means she is going to a totally NEW school and she has 7 class periods a day. She even has a locker when I was in 7th grade my locker was half the size of hers. ( She is having a rough time in the mornings...she is not really a social butterfly...but she loves having a least 1 buddy around and she rea…