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Christmas Time!!!

Hi all!
I'm slowly but surely catching up to past events! YAY!!!   This will mainly be picures of this Christmas. I really enjoyed the Holidays with my crazy family and I am so blessed to be a wife and mother. Of course it all starts with baking and decorating cookies for Santa! The kids couldn't wait to decorate them this year...I even let them help me roll them all out this year. Normally I don't. 

Don't let this picture fool ya...there were a LOT of presents under that tree...

 Happy Christmas Morning faces!!!! We had church at 11am so
we were up at 6am...little did we know that we were going to get about 10 inches of snow and our mid morning service would be cancelled.
She really wanted this DC SuperHero Doll house... so we gave it to her...she was so happy!
Opening up pj's at Gramma B's house on Christmas Eve. 

Poor Betsy...she just wanted Dad loves...but she was also in the way!

My new Nia Jax swag She's AWESOME! And I got an awesome WW beanie!!
Christmas Da…


So for Halloween...Leslie was Rey from STAR WARS and Sam was SuperMan.  Kylie dressed up as Carmella from WWE..but I didn't grab a picture of her. 
I subbed for her teacher that week. 
so a little story behind these teachers....the 5/6th grade teachers each year dress up and they don't tell anyone who they are going to be so it will remain a surprise. I was the sub for the whole week and I didn't even know until the day before. The Mad Hatter was a fluke she didn't know that we were going to be that day. It was so much fun!! I gave them the idea of The Little Mermaid for one year...maybe they'll do it!  This was later that night at a combined ward's Trunk-or-Treat..

BEST COSTUME THERE!! Can you tell who she was?!! Weird AL!!! I love it!! 

I loved that every member in this family is dressed up. Ken and I keep saying we are going to dress up like Wayne and Garth...but it hasn't happened yet. 
How awesome is this family?!!
AH....Mr. Tobin...he is such a good spo…

Change of view

Well September has come and gone..

Same with October, November and December....and if you have been wondering if I've fallen off of the face of the earth...I haven't. I would like to use the excuse that I have been SUPER busy with work and volunteering as VP for a local CMA club here in town, and family...but guys I just haven't been. I have been very choosy about where I've worked for and whom I've subbed for this year. Just because I can.

Also our computer is upstairs in the office and its cold up I really didn't want to sit up here freezing my buns off...plugging away trying to make my daily life more interesting than what it really is?  Have you ever tried to type with gloves on?? It's really not all that fun. ( but once I stopped whining and plugged in the space heater I was good to go so really no more complaining for me!)

On to bigger and better things...Here's to a new year where hopefully I can blog more maybe 2-3 …