Christmas Time!!!

Hi all!

I'm slowly but surely catching up to past events! YAY!!!   This will mainly be picures of this Christmas. I really enjoyed the Holidays with my crazy family and I am so blessed to be a wife and mother. 
Of course it all starts with baking and decorating cookies for Santa! The kids couldn't wait to decorate them this year...I even let them help me roll them all out this year. Normally I don't. 

Don't let this picture fool ya...there were a LOT of presents under that tree...

 Happy Christmas Morning faces!!!! We had church at 11am so
we were up at 6am...little did we know that we were going to get about 10 inches of snow and our mid morning service would be cancelled.
She really wanted this DC SuperHero Doll house... so we gave it to her...she was so happy!

Opening up pj's at Gramma B's house on Christmas Eve. 

Poor Betsy...she just wanted Dad loves...but she was also in the way!

My new Nia Jax swag She's AWESOME! And I got an awesome WW beanie!!

Christmas Day...Leslie got an art set...she is quit the artist and is ALWAYS drawing something...which isn't a bad thing...unless your a tree...

WOO HOO!!! I was so glad to find him something that he didn't ask for on his list. Its a dalek t-shirt from Dr. Who..If you haven't seen this show you should its amazing!!

Kylie was always telling me she needed more mascara so I got her a 5 should hold her until spring...

This was on his list! He was happy to FINALLY get it!

These two felt left out...although Santa Paws brought them some treaties too.

Both guys got Seth Rollins t-shirts and they were happy about it!

That's about until next time!!


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