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Happy Race day!!!

It's that time of year again!!! The day before this race I was at the Dr. office so for me to run this race I was so grate full for..because I didn't think I'd be able to...I mean having a UTI and trying to run a 5k..NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! But yay for modern medicine!!!

It's Holiday time!!  4th of July is probably one of my favorite holidays!!! And Yes Ken and I both ran the 5k Firecracker race this year and it was so much fun!!! Here are some pics..
Yup...a little bit of before the race action!! Yes Aunt Tina came for it..but we were not on her team this year...they chose to team up with other peeps...and that's cool...*sob...sob* I don't mind....I'm not hurt by that decision at all... :-)
I was super duper nervous this year.. Ken said that he wasn't going to run with me..because I beat him last year.
And GO!!!!

He beat me you a lot!!! His time was like 28:11??( I think) He's MR. Speedy!!
can you see me?!!
How about now??
Can you guess what my t…


Leslie has done it again!!!  AND I for one...just can't take it!!

She make look cute and innocent...SHE IS NOT!!

Why am I kind of upset with her...well that's because she is guilty..guilty guilty of having ANOTHER BIRTHDAY.  Yup
you read it right....she just had to turn 10. She didn't like being 9 anymore..who can blame her really...I mean she gets to move up into the older group for Activity Days.. she gets to be in 5th grade and have one of the best teachers around. Why not turn 10. It seems like a good age to be.

For her birthday...since its 3 weeks after school gets out...this year she decided to go to the Art-itoruim. It's a pretty cool place...and if there were more kids there the day we went it would have been super fun. But it was just our little family and although she had fun I bet she would have had more fun with more kids.  I thought I took some pictures but I guess I didn't.  BUMMER!!

They had lots of fun things to do, for example there was a green scr…

'Cuz getting taped to the wall is cool!

It has been way to long...but I have just been trying to stay a float. Who knew balancing work and kids and home could be hard!  This blog post will be about the kiddos!

At their school they have assemblies that honor those kids who excel in academics and who also show HAWK behavior. You already know that we have been struggling with Sam's behavior all year long...I just don't know how to through to the BOY!! He has his good days and his bad. Finally, we had to put him on a behavior chart at school and at home just to ensure better behavior and for a while it seemed to be working.

Anyways, the school had an assembly and parents were sent home notifications about up coming awards....

 This is Mr. Stocking, the principal. Why is he duct-taped to the wall, you ask? Well, it was for a fund raiser and I joke all the time about duct taping Sam to the wall when he seems the office staff thought it would make a GREAT fundraiser...and it did!

So in the pictures above …

It's been a while

4's been 4 months since I have had TIME to write a blog!!

It has been a CRAZY year!! I started working as a substitute teacher for District #91 here at home and I thought that this would be a perfect fit for our family as well as add some pocket change to our savings account which is always a good thing.
 I thought that for sure I wouldn't be working every day since I was a sub...I would just work every once in a while...folks...I can assure you that this was not the case!! I have worked every day Mon-Fri 8 am-3:30 pm at the latest...which isn't bad physically.

I think it has really drained me emotionally. And I'm not really sure why...maybe because I hear " That's not how our teacher does it". I mean you can only hear it for so long then I start to second guess myself...for that split second. Maybe this is TOO much for me...Maybe I should just look into something in the field that I went to school for..

Yes, I do feel guilty for not using m…


This post is long over due!  And it will be mainly pictures from September 2015 as our family was blessed to be able to attend the SLC Comic-Con. It was amazing!! As you will see from all the fun pictures it was something that I will never forget!
Leslie's goal was to have her pic taken with a Harley Quinn.
Kylie's favorite character is Hawk Girl.
Who doesn't love Harry Potter ?
K This guy is SO COOL!! He's the lead singer from Kerby Krackle. They play nerd rock...and its awesome. He knew Ken by name from his Twitter handle...just cool. Check out their music...and he loved Sam...cuz ...well....who doesn't?
I'm a big WW fan...of course Sam just had to get in the action.

We rode in the train one day instead of was fun!

Sam LOVED curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat.
Storm Trooper playing fetch with a member from How to Train Your Dragon.
For a minute...I thought that this guy was Hugh Jackman...but it wasn't but Sam was blown away! He loves Wolv…