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Nutritional tips...okay maybe NOT but its just things that I do

Request after request came in and so yes.....I will write a nutritional guide..if you wanna even call it that.

So..............(<<<<those dots were pointed out to me in my last blog by the these dots are for you!) Did you know that no matter how HARD you matter how long you spend with Shawn T, or any other trainer that you love....its only 20%.   yep, ya'll heard me ONLY 20%!!!!!!!!!!

I know my jaw hit the floor too when I was told this number! Surely there must be some kind of mistake! Well after hours of banging my head against a wall(okay so I was down on the floor throwing a temper tantrum like a 3 year old, kicking and flailing my arms...) I came to accept that no matter how hard I worked out the reason I was not seeing ANY results during the first part of my fitness journey was because diet is 80%.  I sucks....but it is totally true.

Hmmm well how am I going to eat healthy?? Well to be quit honest I just remember introducing change…

How to tips....

How do you do it?? I just love this really hits the nail on the head. I am by far an expert...but I just do what works for me and I was tired of being un-happy with me.

As of lately, I get asked this question A LOT!!! Must be cuz I'm smokin' HOT!! No...I think its because I train hard and I have gotten really good results! And helps to have a really good work out program...something that you love to do. A program that when certain music comes on you can't help but bust out and do some of those moves from that routine.(Those of you who know me...also know I do this frequently and sometimes...ok most of the time I do it just to embarrass Kylie...because its fun!) For me that program is TurboFire. It takes 21 days of you doing something to make it a after that 1st time of trying this program, I thought, "Uh-oh...I'm hooked!" My "rest days" just kill me...I have a love/hate relationship with those days...its so good for …

I just need someone to LEAN 1 on!!

I really wasn't going to blog about this NEW workout...however after being asked about it like, a bazillion times...and YES bazillion is a number....I totally will.  So after I finished Turbo-fire for 3 rounds ( each round is about 4 months) I wanted something different..not that I don't love Chalene Johnson (creator of Turbo-fire) I just wanted a change. While looking on the Team Beachbody website...I saw a NEW workout program that caught my eye...and so I clicked on the little eye-con that said "play video" and I saw this. Okay, so I wanted to put this amazing video clip of Combat on here...but unfortunately the BB website wouldn't allow me trust me when I say your going to have to watch it on Team

Ken and I worked out to Combat for 2 rounds. In Combat its a LOT of cardio kind of like Turbo-fire, except that in Combat you learn MIXED MARTIAL ARTS!! Heck yeah!! Sign me up for some of that!!  Who wouldn't want to learn how to punch and …