My Lovely Lady Lumps PT.2

Sorry to leave every one on a cliff hanger but life keeps me pretty busy.

So almost 2 weeks goes by and I had to wait for my mammogram and ultra sound. In between those two weeks I had to keep my mind busy so I was busy working and with my calling. My YW president told us during one our monthly meetings that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that she had to meet with an oncologist and they were going to look into a mastectomy and the reason she was telling us was so that we all knew what was going on with her.. I know when it rains it pours...but thankfully she found out that after her surgery that they got all the cancer OUT and she will not have to undergo Chemo or Radiation Therapy.

I am so happy for her!

The morning of the mammogram had finally come. And although there was the worry in the back of my mind...ever since  I had the blessing my mind felt at ease and I knew that I would be ok. That the Lord would keep his word if I just remember to have Faith and to know th…

My Lovely Lady Lumps

In May I went in to the Dr. office for my yearly exam and to refill those pesky Thyroid medicine, because let's face it...when I don't have that medicine...I'm not my self and I yell and snap at people (my kids) all the time...since I do not like feeling that way it's best that I stay on top of having enough of those pills. I call them my happy pills...because they make me feel how I used to before I had all my kids..

Sorry....I forgot where I was in my story... OH yeah. So I knew that my appointment was coming up. One day before I got into the shower...I was examining my breast and I paused for about a minute..."Is that a.....LUMP?!" Then I noticed that I thought I had seen some rippling on the other side I DO know that seeing rippling of any kind in the not a good thing.

 At the end of April, I was preparing that week to issue ISAT testing for school District #91 so I really couldn't call out...I thought well...I know I have th…


I hadn't realized until today that the last time I blogged was in Jan.  And that makes me kinda sad because I love blogging I just need to find the time to do it.

We were blessed this year again to be able to go to FAN-X. It's 2 days of geek fun!! It's amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. SO I will be posting a TON of pictures today! Yes...meeting all of the people we did was an AMAZING experience one that I will never forget but I always look forward to the car ride on the way down to Utah.
     Maybe it's the whole anticipation of the experience or the whole excitement of the fun I know we are bound to have. Just leaving normal everyday worries behind and having so much fun! But I kind of get the feeling that its all about being together with my kids and my husband. Hearing the kids laugh at one another jokes in the back seats....singing along with the radio. Hearing about what they are most excited to meet.
💖yep!! I had to just look at her costume!!! AMAZING!

Christmas Time!!!

Hi all!
I'm slowly but surely catching up to past events! YAY!!!   This will mainly be picures of this Christmas. I really enjoyed the Holidays with my crazy family and I am so blessed to be a wife and mother. Of course it all starts with baking and decorating cookies for Santa! The kids couldn't wait to decorate them this year...I even let them help me roll them all out this year. Normally I don't. 

Don't let this picture fool ya...there were a LOT of presents under that tree...

 Happy Christmas Morning faces!!!! We had church at 11am so
we were up at 6am...little did we know that we were going to get about 10 inches of snow and our mid morning service would be cancelled.
She really wanted this DC SuperHero Doll house... so we gave it to her...she was so happy!
Opening up pj's at Gramma B's house on Christmas Eve. 

Poor Betsy...she just wanted Dad loves...but she was also in the way!

My new Nia Jax swag She's AWESOME! And I got an awesome WW beanie!!
Christmas Da…


So for Halloween...Leslie was Rey from STAR WARS and Sam was SuperMan.  Kylie dressed up as Carmella from WWE..but I didn't grab a picture of her. 
I subbed for her teacher that week. 
so a little story behind these teachers....the 5/6th grade teachers each year dress up and they don't tell anyone who they are going to be so it will remain a surprise. I was the sub for the whole week and I didn't even know until the day before. The Mad Hatter was a fluke she didn't know that we were going to be that day. It was so much fun!! I gave them the idea of The Little Mermaid for one year...maybe they'll do it!  This was later that night at a combined ward's Trunk-or-Treat..

BEST COSTUME THERE!! Can you tell who she was?!! Weird AL!!! I love it!! 

I loved that every member in this family is dressed up. Ken and I keep saying we are going to dress up like Wayne and Garth...but it hasn't happened yet. 
How awesome is this family?!!
AH....Mr. Tobin...he is such a good spo…

Change of view

Well September has come and gone..

Same with October, November and December....and if you have been wondering if I've fallen off of the face of the earth...I haven't. I would like to use the excuse that I have been SUPER busy with work and volunteering as VP for a local CMA club here in town, and family...but guys I just haven't been. I have been very choosy about where I've worked for and whom I've subbed for this year. Just because I can.

Also our computer is upstairs in the office and its cold up I really didn't want to sit up here freezing my buns off...plugging away trying to make my daily life more interesting than what it really is?  Have you ever tried to type with gloves on?? It's really not all that fun. ( but once I stopped whining and plugged in the space heater I was good to go so really no more complaining for me!)

On to bigger and better things...Here's to a new year where hopefully I can blog more maybe 2-3 …