My Lovely Lady Lumps PT.2

Sorry to leave every one on a cliff hanger but life keeps me pretty busy.

So almost 2 weeks goes by and I had to wait for my mammogram and ultra sound. In between those two weeks I had to keep my mind busy so I was busy working and with my calling. My YW president told us during one our monthly meetings that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that she had to meet with an oncologist and they were going to look into a mastectomy and the reason she was telling us was so that we all knew what was going on with her.. I know when it rains it pours...but thankfully she found out that after her surgery that they got all the cancer OUT and she will not have to undergo Chemo or Radiation Therapy.

I am so happy for her!

The morning of the mammogram had finally come. And although there was the worry in the back of my mind...ever since  I had the blessing my mind felt at ease and I knew that I would be ok. That the Lord would keep his word if I just remember to have Faith and to know that I have to keep worthy to have those blessings.  Remember we told the kids so they knew if anything came up they would know why I was going to be sad and so sick for a while. So they were all visibly nervous that morning. Hardly any of them would eat. They didn't really want to go to school either but the mean MOM made them go.

About 9: 15 we arrived at Mountain View Hospital and we had to wait about 20 minutes because the orders for my mammo were either lost or not faxed over right THAT was awesome!
 Soon I was taken away to have my lady lumps smashed like a pancake. I was nervous because I had heard that it hurt. So what do I do when I am nervous.....I talk...and talk ...and talk.. The Medical Assistant running the mammo machine was really nice and tried to keep me at ease...but I had never met this person before and here she is grabbing ( although gently) my breast like it was just another day for her....granite it probably was...but I was very embarrassed. It's not like I go around showing everybody that part of my anatomy. I mean if I had implants....I might be typing something totally different.

     After the right side and the left side were finished I was pulled out of that room and sat down just outside of the mammo room. ( With my shirts and bra...YES I am STILL in the patient gown..ladies you know the type they give you when you go for your yearly).  She leaves the room and tells me that because this is a diagnostic procedure that to be sure I still need to have an ultra sound done. Sometimes the mammo misses what I was told.

About 10-15 minutes later I was pulled back by the Ultra Sound tech. WHO IS A MAN. A very nice man....but oh boy talk about SUPER EMBARRASSING.  Not to worry though I brought Ken with me so it was nice to have him there for me, support is always comforting.

So I had to lie on my side like you would climbing into's like your getting ready to perform an oblique my chest is rolled towards him but my butt is towards the times. And he started to squirt the gel on my left breast and the gel explodes all over my face.

" My apologies....I hate it when it does that.."

" It's ok..You didn't do it on purpose"

After he wiped my face off, he re-squirted the gel and then proceeded to move the ultrasound hand piece all over. And he was NOT shy about it...he really kept digging and digging into my breast. If felt as though it was on fire...he was pushing so hard.

He was very quiet as he kept looking...and he would take pictures and say nothing then just keep looking. He looked for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden he said,

"Hmmm...where did you say it was?"

I showed him. "Are you sure?'

"Yes I'm could feel it without having to push hard on it.. It was a pretty good size lump."
" Well....I'm not finding it"  I lifted my head off the pillow to glance at Ken...who was smiling at me and I smiled at him. We knew why he couldn't find it.

He checked the right side and it all looked clear.
"I'll be right back, Mrs. Stephens...I'm going to go get Dr. Biddoulph and see if he's looked at your scans."

So when we were on our own we kept talking out how much of a miracle it was and that we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt why and how the lumps disappeared.
About 5 minutes later Dr. Biddouplh came in and told me that he had a chance to look at my scans and that they were clear!!!

But since cancer runs in my family that we would keep this as a baseline. And that I needed to be seen yearly for it.  I told him Thank you and we were able to leave as soon as I was dressed.
Ken and I hugged each other and smooched.  We were just so beyond relief that NOTHING was found.

I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who knew what's best for me and who healed me.
Ken told me that I was a walking miracle...and I don't wanna brag about it...but I know it's true. HE had healed me. HE blessed me. HE suffered for me. HE loves me so much that he wants me to be happy. HE wants me to know that I am loved.

There is no way I can repay HIM for that.


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