I hadn't realized until today that the last time I blogged was in Jan.  And that makes me kinda sad because I love blogging I just need to find the time to do it.

We were blessed this year again to be able to go to FAN-X. It's 2 days of geek fun!! It's amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. SO I will be posting a TON of pictures today! Yes...meeting all of the people we did was an AMAZING experience one that I will never forget but I always look forward to the car ride on the way down to Utah.
     Maybe it's the whole anticipation of the experience or the whole excitement of the fun I know we are bound to have. Just leaving normal everyday worries behind and having so much fun! But I kind of get the feeling that its all about being together with my kids and my husband. Hearing the kids laugh at one another jokes in the back seats....singing along with the radio. Hearing about what they are most excited to meet.
๐Ÿ’–yep!! I had to just look at her costume!!! AMAZING!

 Danielle Panabaker was very nice! Kylie was starstruck when we met her and didn't really say anything to her other than "Hi". But Ken asked her if the contacts hurt when she wears them and she stated that they were hard to see out of. Which who knew, right? I mean I wear contacts usually everyday and my eyes are fine...but mine are not like hers.

Sam always has to pose when meeting his characters. We met these two Gentleman on Sat. I know I look a little drunk/high...but I am constantly having to blink to keep my eyes from drying it's hard for me sometimes to keep my eyes open while taking a picture. I never thought that I would meet Duncan and Conner MacLeod! This was Ken's highlight of the trip.He really wanted to meet them. I was glad that he was able to. While this picture was taken the girls were waiting to meet Danielle Panabaker.

OMGOSH!! I have such a funny story about meeting Holly Marie Coombs. I was debating meeting her when I thought I'm gonna just do it! So  first Sam walks right up to her table and says....NOTHING..he just stares at her she glanced down and said" Hi" and they shake hands.Then I walked over to  get her autograph on a photo and say "Hi" then I just couldn't think of anything to say I'm so starstruck that my mind went Ken leans over and says "You know she won't tell you...but you're her favorite on the show".   I turn to look at Ken and say" Well I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings." Then I looked back at her and said" It's are."
She says "Well that's very sweet...Thank you." 
Her manager walked a bit closer and said" It's a photo too"
So she hops off her chair and she walks around to me...and she places her arm on my upper back. I try to be smooth and put my arm on her back when SMACK....
RIGHT ON HER BUTT!! Guys I could feel my face turning red!! I quickly say "I'm sorry I'm so sorry.."
She just smiled and said "That's all right." 
I just couldn't believe that...I'm glad she was a good sport about it...but how embarrassing. 

Cool right!!


This was taken at the Kid-Con part of Fan-X. Kylie was getting her picture taken with it and I just couldn't resist being a part of it. Then the other kids joined in. 

We sat in on The Princess Bride panel which had Prince Humperdink and Westley and it was awesome! We heard a lot of stories about Andre The Giant. I felt bad for Prince H. though because all of the kids who were asking questions got called up on stage by Westley received a handshake and a hug then they kind of forgot about Prince H. 


This was actually a person and it moved when you looked away! 

I had too!!

The last time we were there they had these amazing old school t-shirts and I finally caved and bought one. She-Ra!! And Ken bought He-Man!!

Tara Strong is one of the many voice actors that were there and Leslie was dying to meet. She does many voices including..Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony as well as Harley Quinn in Justice League: Gods and Monster Chronicles. So Leslie was so excited to meet her that she just couldn't talk to her. Ken came to the rescue again and said" Harley Quinn is her favorite". Tara Strong started talking as Harley Quinn it was AWESOME!! Sam was trying to get Les to say something in her Harley Quinn voice but she was too shy and started to get tears in her eyes. 

This is one celeb that the whole family was so excited to meet!! Sam kept talking to him about his favorite songs of his while we were getting his autograph.. he is a nice guy! It was an amazing opportunity. 
If you want more of a story Ken also writes a blog 

He's a far better writer than I I urge you to check it out!


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